Launch Kontrol Infrared

Launch Kontrol Infrared utilises infrared technology to achieve line-of-sight wireless ignition of fireworks at a range of up to 75 feet (25m). Continuity testing during every set up ensures every firework will be ignited. The number of fireworks which can be ignited in one set up is limited only by the number of receivers and available space. A highly cost-effective and very safe way to ignite fireworks.

Benefits of Launch Kontrol Infrared:

  • LED indicator
  • Use more than one transmitter in any locatio
  • No interference from any other source of infrared
  • Random generation of encrypted identification codes to synchronize transmitter to receiver on every start up

Latest news

 Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless successfully and flawlessly fired 900 cues at the UK Fireworks Championships in Plymouth 2016 as part of the Aurora Fireworks entry.Using a version 1 Pyrosure controller and a total network of 93 modules over 500KG...
4 years 5 months ago