Launch Kontrol Pulse

Launch Kontrol Pulse is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ignite fireworks. It is a wired system with an arming / continuity button and four firing channels. Igniters are connected via a CAT5 interface on the board. This reliable connection method means you can use Launch Kontrol Pulse in the rain, snow, freezing temperatures and even extend the cable and fire it from inside you home. It’s a simple but very effective system.

Benefits of Launch Kontrol Pulse:

  • Safe remote ignition of your fireworks*
  • Simple, widely available, easily swappable power-source (alkaline 9v battery)**
  • CAT5 connection adapter allows the range to be easily and reliably extended up to 75 feet
  • Boards can be linked together to expand into a firing system with multiple cues***
  • Reusable cables save money and reduce environmental impact (only the clip needs to be thrown away)

*You may not be aware of this but in the Netherlands and Denmark, civil servants have decided that it is unsafe to remotely ignite fireworks. As a result, we have introduced this wired system where the user can be close , but not too close, to ignite the firework. All concerns for any unsuspecting onlooker are taken care of. You must of course always retire to at least the approved safety distance as indicated on the individual firework.

Latest news

 Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless successfully and flawlessly fired 900 cues at the UK Fireworks Championships in Plymouth 2016 as part of the Aurora Fireworks entry.Using a version 1 Pyrosure controller and a total network of 93 modules over 500KG...
4 years 5 months ago