Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless

LK Pro is Everything you will ever need for a firework display at an incredible price!

Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless facilitates an extensive range of firing options – from manual to full musical choreography. The system features intuitive commands (only functions that can be performed in the current set-up can be selected) and:

  • Bright backlit controller
  • Micro SD card slot for updates and display scripts
  • Stereo mini jack output
  • Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7v power supply
  • Bi-directional communication with AES encryption

Suitable for all types of igniters inc. reusable LK Clips

  • Specifications:
  • Simple to operate: 1 key – one function
  • Automatic or manual addressing of modules
  • 24 cues per module (4776 unique cues available)
  • 500m (1500 ft) range
  • FCC and CE approved for indoor and outdoor communication

Latest news

 Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless successfully and flawlessly fired 900 cues at the UK Fireworks Championships in Plymouth 2016 as part of the Aurora Fireworks entry.Using a version 1 Pyrosure controller and a total network of 93 modules over 500KG...
4 years 5 months ago